Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kathy's B-Day

We celebrated Kathy's birthday over at the Petersen's. We held our party a little late because Kathy spent her actual birthday in Chicago.
We played a game where one person writes a descriptive sentence, passes it to their neighbor, who draws a picture of it.
The drawer then folds over the descriptive sentence so that it is not visible to the next person they pass it to, who writes a descriptive sentence of the new picture. The new writer then folds the picture over, hiding it, and passes it on to a new drawer.

What started out as "A punk rock girl with a cupcake tattoo listening to rock music,"
became "Captain America puked into a jar while he was wearing MC Hammer pants."
Steve and Dan wrestled. Dan established his dominance as alpha-male.


Anonymous said...

I can't watch the video, it says that it's a private video and I need a friend request from the sender.

Christopher said...

You should be able to see the video now.