Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kathy, the writer, was also the speaker

We had the pleasure of going to BYU yesterday and spend the day with Kathy. One of her papers that she wrote was chosen for her to present at a religion paper symposium. (I don't know what it was officially called) It was where students submitted papers on a variety of religious topics. The top papers were selected for the authors to present, which Kathy did very well. It was on rhetoric and how that applies to our study of the gospel, scriptures and in missionary work. We were very proud of her after her presentation and I learned a lot. We were still just as proud of her, but she was even more happy when, at the special lunch they held, they told her that her paper was $250.00 good and handed her a check for her efforts. We sat at a table for lunch with one of the professors that was one of the judges for the contest and he recommended that Kathy submit it for publication in the book/periodical that is associated with that department. Yeah, congratulations Kathy.



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That day was really fun. Especially because Kathy won money, and because we got to go to that museum thing.