Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quick update

Sophie is coming home tomorrow (Monday Aug 24th) She will be starting 6th grade at Silver Mesa Elementary on the 26th and because her teacher from last year moved up a grade, she will actually have the same teacher for this year. She has learned a lot in her time out in Roosevelt and we are excited to have her home once more.

Sharon gained a lot of help from her Mayo Clinic trip. We just got back from a trip to St. George to see a Mayo Clinic trained doctor there that is helping out with continued treatment for her neck and head pain. With some of the improvement she has felt, she has had a surge in creativity, plans and ideas for the present and future. And we have a plan of how to get her back to full health. It will take some time (months) but having a direction is very good.

Stephen and Anne start school on the 26th also as a senior and a sophmore at Alta High School.

Adam's visa to India runs out on April 15th, 2010. So we now know his official "has to be out of the country" date.

I have been asked to speak at the American Behcet's Disease Association meeting as the dentist authority on the disease. I hope give out some information that will help a lot of people. (And while I am at it, I want rock the boat a bit and try to get physicians and dentists to communicate better about this disease.) It will be April 22-25, 2010. So April will be a busy month. It will be in Orlando Florida.

Daniel is making wedding plans, starting school and missing Cassandra. It was hard for him to come back from Texas.

Kathy is excited to be pregnant, even in the face of the challenges that accompany that. (she did make a comment about wondering how the world is so populated.) She and Christopher will make such great parents.

And one last note, referring to the blog about our snail problem. We did try out Christopher's solution. We now have several little bowls full of dead or drunken snails that met their demise in a bowl full of beer. (It really works!) So as to not meet up with some ward member at the store as I am buying beer for my snails, I had a guy who has been working for us in our yard bring the beer. It was very strange to see empty beer cans in my trash can.

Adam look-alikes

I'm pretty sure Adam sent this to the whole family, but just in case...

This week, Adam mentioned in his email that the Indians have told him he strongly resembles John Travolta, Justin Timberlake, and this guy:

Channing Tatum, from the movie, Step Up. We should rent this movie and make it the first one Adam watches when he gets back.

The thing is, Adam doesn't actually look like this guy, other than the fact that they are both white and tall (and personally, this actor doesn't strike me as much of Travolta impersonator either). When you guys go to India, set those people straight. My brother looks like this guy: