Sunday, March 29, 2009

Laxman Stephen - Game schedule

April 4th 10:45 am Alta vs. Lehi At Bingham
12:30 pm Alta vs. Bingham At Bingham
This is a three way tournament, Alta, Lehi, and Bingham

April 11th 9:00am Alta vs. Viewmont At Viewmont
April 18th 9:00am Alta vs. Bonneville At Bonneville
April 25th 9:00am Alta vs. Brighton At Alta
10:45 am Alta vs. Lone Peak At Alta
This is another three way tournament Alta, Brighton, Lone Peak
They are hoping to be able to play this in the stadium at Alta on the new turf field. We will see on that, depending on how fast the wheels of school politics turn. If not, it will be at Indian Hills Middle School.
May 2nd 10:45 am Alta vs. Weber At Viewmont

So there is the schedule. Any and all are invited to come and cheer.
We don't have addresses yet, so I will post those when we get them.

Last game they won 18 to 3. Being so far ahead at the end of the game, Stephen decided to take the ball the whole length of the field and made a shot on the goal. It was just off a little, but it was fun to see him go almost uncontested all the way to the goal.

Also, I heard a fun comment from one of the other parents of the Alta players. He was yelling to his own son, but also referring to Stephen, and I quote, "Get in there and help, he's pushing 4 guys out of the way, get in there and get the ball." I think this kind of experience that they had with
Stephen had something to do with him not being contested too much on the shot on goal. LaCrosse is so fun to watch.



Christopher said...

Thanks for putting those up, Dave. You're the best.

kathy said...

Stephen's such a great guy. I can't wait to come see him play. We probably won't be able to make it this Saturday, but maybe the next?