Friday, March 13, 2009

Another major award in the family - Stephen

Stephen experienced the annual Alta high school physics department balsa wood bridge event. He took 3rd place with this bridge holding

1610 pounds

By estimating the weight of our family, I think that his little 6 inch high bridge could hold our entire family all at once. (If we were able to stratigically position ourselves over 5 very precise little points)

For his stupendous feat, he received $10! He was only beaten by two students that were in the AP Physics class.

(Thanks to those who have blazed the trail before him, because Dad had seen what worked and what didn't in years past and was able to advise him)



kathy said...

1610 pounds!? Wow. Good one, Steve.

Are there pictures of this bridge? I never got to see the finished product.

Mike and Lauren said...

How did I not even know about this blog?? I'm so happy I found it! Yay! I love you guys and congrats to Stephen!