Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adam update

I thought I would periodically put in excerpts from Adam's emails here. I was going to do that but this last email was so good all the way through that I just put in the whole thing. He is doing great. So here it is:

So I will start with the most important. Clive and elizebeth were baptised last sunday. I was really excited. We had the baptism in a swimming pool that is just on the banks of the Yumana river, which is just north of delhi, kind of by his house. It was really cool. The spirit was really strong. I have some pictures that I am going to be sending home on a cd with a bunch of other ones. They are going to be awesome. Starting at the beginning of last week, Shawn Bradely came for a fireside, (i didn't know who he was either, he is a NBA player) because he was doing some humanitarian work here in india. He was 7' 6". He was the only person I had to look up to here in india. haha. It was really cool and you can tell he has given alot of different firesides and such. He said how it was hard to live a good life in the NBA and how the gospel really helps people in their lives. again pictures coming. Also this week, it was Holi, reasons why the late emailing. This holiday is were they throw paint at every one because of some hindu god that died and they celebrate his death. I was scrubbing paint of me for hours, but it was the funnest thing I have done for a really long time. It was socially appropriate to be throwing water balloons at people and cars, which we happened to take full advantage of, 300 times in fact. We threw alot of balloons. There have been alot of people that we have been going through lately. Elder Schade and I are feeling like there aren't people that aer really interested, so we will find them, and then drop them really quickly to weed out the people that aren't that interested. It is a different technique, but we will go with it. He is super intense though, good for me, holds me to the things I start, or say I am going to do. I love you family, the work is really true, and we are going to rock this week. adam ps. We are getting a new building this month for church which means we are moving out of our college class room. haha. awesome.

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