Sunday, March 8, 2009

Angels watching over Stephen II

Sorry, I did it again and only got a title down before posting. But actually the second title is more accurate.

Stephen was in two accidents recently. First, he is OK and not hurt. The first accident was not his fault. Someone pulled out in front of him, giving him no other choice but to slam on the brakes and then slam into the side of the white Jaguar that she was driving. We are still waiting on the outcome of the car. The damage has not been determined officially yet.

The next one the next week was up on Highland drive on South mountain. He fell asleep at the wheel and kept going straight when the road curved and hit a curb at around 40 mph. It blew out 3 tires. Fortunately he landed on a dirt road that was soft. It is where there are future plans for a wider road parallel to Highland Dr. There must have been angels watching over him on this one, because he crossed over the line, over the lane of oncoming traffic, hit the curb, caught air, landed on an incline that was about 30 degrees, then came to rest after the rims dug into the soft ground about 8 inches deep for about 40 feet. There was a fair amount of sage brush that acted as a brake for him. He said he woke up immediately on the impact of the wheels hitting the curb and he was airborne as he opened his eyes. We went back to the site of the accident and measured things. It was 35 feet that one side of the wheels were airborne, but 70 feet before all 4 wheels hit the ground. It was 200 feet from point of impact to where he got the vehicle under control. Amazingly only the tires were damaged and the alignment was out, but that was the only damage. There was sage brush stuck in three places on the bottom of the vehicle.

So, as a father, I am very grateful for guardian angels that look out for my kids. Also as a father, I put out a "now hear this" to all my kids: Please don't make any of those wonderful angels work overtime in your behalf.

We are all very happy that Stephen is safe and sound.


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Christopher said...

Steven, I am so glad that you're alive. And even though I tease you at every opportunity, I think that you're an amazing guy. You're a great brother-in-law. I love hanging out with you. I love your quirks, and your unique perspective.

But, you already knew that you're the man.