Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July water fight and the Mayo Clinic

I know that we just barely got the word out about the annual 4th of July water fight at our house, but there is change to the plans now. We have loved hosting that and enjoyed it every year, but this year we are needing to give a last minute cancellation to the event.

Most know that Sharon has had a lot of challenges with her health. She has weathered them with great grace and diginity and worked very hard to not have it impact others. The complexity of her situation has baffled the doctors here. Because of that we are going to the Mayo Clinic on July 21st to go where we feel that the extra expertise and communication between doctors will give the answers she needs to get back to full health.

We're sorry, but the situation is such that we aren't able to put on the event right now because of what is happening right now. We'll look forward to it for next year. We have called all the parents in our generation and Dad/Grandpa Lloyd and Dorothy. Please spread the word to all nieces, nephews, kids etc. so we don't have anyone uninformed about the change. Thanks.


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Mike and Lauren said...

Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing. We love you all and we're praying for you!