Monday, July 13, 2009

Mayo Clinic and a Family Fast

Sharon and I will be leaving on July 20th for the Mayo Clinic. Her pain level has steadily increased as well as many other symptoms. It has been a long wait to get her into there, but I am grateful that we started the process when we did. What ever the We need to get some answers for her to change how we are going about treating her. We are confident that it will be a good experience and will give us help to get her better.

Now comes your part. For those who are able and wanting, I would like to have a family fast this Sunday on her behalf and gather for a blessing for her on Sunday. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated and helpful.

Thanks, DAVE


Mike and Lauren said...

We will definitely be fasting with you. Keep the updates coming, we love you!

A. said...

We pray for you guys every night. We love you all so much!