Friday, July 17, 2009

the end of tyranny*

When Mr. Christopher first heard about the Petersen 4th of July piñata tradition, he asked if we broke a piñata of a British soldier dressed in the garb of the Revolutionary War. I explained that they don't really sell those—not a big market. We'd used several kinds of piñatas through the years: a pirate treasure chest, a star, and maybe even a Pokemon when piñata stocks were running low one year.

When he realized this year that we could just make our own piñata, he was determined that we wouldn't decorate it with no stinkin' pokemon. That tyrannical king looks angry (and also, rich):

Here is the Petersens' beating down of tyranny, as captured on film, youngest—as always—first:

Everyone felt pretty tough after beating tyranny. Stephen also may have felt like he needed to go to the bathroom.

*Special thanks for this post go out to Mr. Christopher for piñata concept.

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