Thursday, April 23, 2009

13 - 5 win in Lacrosse

Stephen's lacrosse team, (Alta) won their game tonight 13-5. It was a great game. I sat next to the parents of another player tonight. We introduced ourselves via our son's name, number and playing position. Their son was on attack, Stephen on defense. I commented that when your son is on offense and they score a goal it is great. On the other side I told them that with a son on defense, I always want to have the game be a shut out. But 13 -5 was pretty good.

Stephen achieved a large, unified response by the crowd when he decided to go through a player on the other team, rather than around him. The other player caught air as he fell to the ground. It happened right in front of his team's bench, bringing cheers from the team. Playing defense brings its own kind of rewards. Like acting like blocking a shot with your body to prevent the game winning goal from happening. Then acting like the ensuing welt that will be there for the next 3 weeks really doesn't hurt. While the glory in this move is impressive, it is not nearly as fun as blocking someone to the point that they catch air. From that point on, they think twice about trying to get around you.

I also over heard one of the opposing teams' parents comment about Alta just throwing the ball to get rid of it from the defense. At first I thought, they don't just do that, they play well. Then Anne pointed out how Stephen can pass the ball from behind the goal to a team mate on the other half of the field with amazing accruacy. Way to go Stephen!


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k. double-u. said...

Way to go, Steve! You still have a game this Saturday, right? Because we're coming.